Over the years, my family and I have brought much joy into the homes of so many. Our West Highland White Terrier Puppies are raised in an environment of love, hence they grow to make really great companions. I remember when I had my first Westie Puppy, I was only 12 and till date, that day will be one of the best days of my life. At such a tender age I learned how it felt like to be responsible and care for the little puppy. I did get help from my parents but I did most of the work. I must say, it really helped shaped my character and he was my best friend. Ever since then, I have always had Westie Puppies around me. Except when i went off to college. Even still, my friend who owned a Pit bull dog, would often invite me over to their house for weekends. It was really fun. Now that I am all grown and have a family, I would advise anyone out there to get a puppy most especially for their kids. Owning a puppy at a tender age made me understand the act of caring. If you are looking for a home raised Westie Puppy, You are in the right place.

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